By carrying the free Save-Me Card or one of our many other handy products with you, you’ll always be safe when underway. Save-Me is there when each second counts!


By making a read-out of the unique Save-Me code with a mobile telephone, your profile is displayed. This allows bystanders and rescuers to quickly offer the correct help.


Save-Me allows you to adjust and expand your profile at any given time, but also to connect or disconnect products to and from your profile.


After a read-out of the profile has been made, people at home will be informed immediately, allowing them to have peace of mind!

Personal profile

The free Save-Me profile contains the most elementary information about the user, which is displayed after read-out. It shows who you are and who should be notified in case of emergency. You can easily expand your profile to Premium or Medical. All Save-Me profiles can be adjusted at any time, so that you always carry the most up-to-date information with you.


  • Personal data
  • Additional contact person
  • Basic medical data


  • Personal data
  • Additional contact person
  • Extended medical data
  • Add documents
  • Free input field


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