Abus Ir Outdoor camera wireless

Abus Ir Outdoor camera wireless

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Sturdy wireless outdoor camera for 24 h safety

This wireless outdoor camera serves as an extension of the digital wireless monitoring set from ABUS. Thanks to the solid, weatherproof design, it is ideal for outdoor areas. The VGA resolution and the infrared night view function ensure optimal video image data quality at any time of day or night. Integrated motion detection with an alarm function reliably detects movement and sets off an alarm if there is danger of unauthorised access.

Intuitive installation with app or QR code

Installation is done step-by-step using the app or the QR code, making it easy even for technical laymen. The app also allows access to up to four cameras of this type, making practical mobile monitoring possible.

The effective IR range will depend on the installation location. If there are surfaces that absorb light or no objects that reflect IR light in the field of view, the IR range will be reduced and/or the video image will be too dark. Reflective objects in the immediate vicinity of the camera (e.g. roof gutter or wall) may also result in the reflection of IR light, which can disturb the image.

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