European VIP Security Services

I became a specialist in the field of Security & Safety through my experiences in the Royal Dutch Marechaussee, the police, the criminal investigation department - with specialisation in areas such as personal security, bomb team leader, and anti-terrorism - and for 22 years with the voluntary fire brigade. I started my company in 1987.


Trust is good, but control is better
We can make a safety analysis of your home and/or company for you. We give advice for hinges and locks, alarm system and/or camera system, it will benefit your feeling of security.


Over the years, it has become apparent that communication in the care sector can be greatly improved.

An athlete who has become unwell and unapproachable usually will not have a telephone or identity information with and certainly not any medical information. Save Me offers the solution through a bracelet, a key ring, a sticker, or a card with a QR code. Behind the QR code is your medical profile which can be seen by a care provider after scanning. The QR code provides access to information about medication and diseases, which can be shared directly from the ambulance with the hospital emergency department: it can be the difference between life and death.

Also visible are the ICE (in case of emergency numbers) so that your family can be informed immediately and can come to you, it cannot be faster and more efficiently. That's Save Me

Many elderly and/or people in need of help are not able to communicate, even in an emergency, where they are, or they simply do not know. The solution is an emergency button that immediately after an alarm will transmit the exact location of your loved one by text message, WhatsApp, or email. You will be able to see this GPS location immediately, all you have to do is click on the link and the location will appear in Google maps on your phone or tablet. The system can also be set to a specific area in which, for example, a demented elderly person should stay, if he/she leaves this area, it is reported via an emergency call. The system is also equipped with a so-called man down setting. Should the wearer of the alarm fall to the ground and be horizontal, an alarm is sent immediately.

Take our course in life-saving actions

Avoid drowning and brain injury

There isn't a parent or grandparent that wants to imagine something bad happening to a little one at a pool or pond. Every day children drown, it only takes a moment of distraction. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to suffer irreversible brain damage because they have been underwater for too long.

An investment in the safety of the smallest members of your family should not be missing, this unique water alarm, Moby-Kid warns you immediately if your little one accidentally falls into the water. Not only at your own pool or pond, but also when you're away from home, you can take this alarm with you to protect your loved ones. Experience the freedom and peace of mind this alarm gives you even when you don't have the option to plug it into a socket. The water alarm also runs on batteries, making it perfect for when you go to the beach or on a boat. The batteries in the bracelet can easily be replaced. 

The Moby-Kid is a unique product, he or she cannot take off the bracelet on the wrist of the child because you have the key. This system can reduce drama to a minimum.

The 4 most important rules ARE AND REMAIN IN FORCE

  • Supervise children when swimming.
  • A fence around the pool is sometimes mandatory, but sometimes it does not prevent the smallest, who cannot swim, from getting to the pool.
  • Teach young children to swim as soon as possible
  • Any homeowner with a pool should know how to perform CPR and provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Grownups are responsible for children by a body of water “But that one moment of carelessness could be fatal”

General safety audit and fire safety at your home or company

We carry out an inspection at your home or in your company and pay attention to All vulnerable things. Such as hang and close work of windows and doors. The risks are also looked at as well those of fire . Is there a plan regarding fire and evacuation if so is the plan correct. The first safety ring is your home or business the 2nd is the immediate area accessibility of your territory. You will receive a complete report and a free advice regarding (better) security. Installing an alarm system, cameras or extra detection lighting.

Consult, advice and report: € 155,- inc.