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Drowning prevention

Moby-Kid alarm system

Our children and grandchildren are our VIPs, our most valuable asset!

Drowning / Cause of Death

In many countries, where families own a swimming pool, the incidence of child drowning is high, especially in the under-fives.

Of all the children hospitalized after falling in a pool, between 5 and 20% will have permanent brain damage!

4 rules to reduce the risk of drowning

  • ALWAYS: Always provide supervision when children are in and around the pool.
  • FENCE: Fence off your pool to prevent children or animals falling into it when you’re not around.
  • TEACH: Every child needs to learn how to swim as early in life as possible.
  • CPR: Every owner of a swimming pool must know how to resuscitate a person. But despite all these precautions children still drown. So what can we do to protect them?

Ultimately, adults are responsible for children around water, but just one distracted moment can be fatal.

Alarm systems that detect movement in the water can be a great addition for security, but they are inclined to go off for no reason or they may be switched off if there are many people are in the pool. With that in mind they are not most reliable protection for our children. However, there is a solution. The simplest way to protect your children around the swimming pool is to know exactly when they are in the water and that is what a Moby-Kid wristband does. It sets off an alarm as soon as it gets wet, thus making it the perfect, affordable solution that virtually eliminates completely the risk of drowning.

Moby-Kid Pool Alarm Kit

The kit consists of a plug & play base station. It works straight from the box so no there is no complicated installation procedure. The Moby-Kid wristband features a special lock with a key so the child is not able to remove the wristband. For pets [dogs and cats], special Moby-Kid sensors that can be easily attached to the collar are also available.

Base station

Each base station can accommodate unlimited Moby-Kids so all children and pets may be secured. Manufactured from a strong and durable material, the Moby-Kid wristband will not hinder children while they play. It is also sealed so that it does not go off in the rain.

How does the Moby-Kid Alarm System work?

Plug in the Moby-Kid alarm system, point the antenna upwards and position the base station not too far from the pool. Then simply attach the wristbands to the child or children requiring monitoring. The Moby-Kid continuously transmits a radio signal to the base station. The moment a child falls into the pool and the wristband is submerged, the radio signal is lost. The base station detects this immediately and the system sets of an audible alarm. This alarm can be meaning the difference between life and death. Remember that permanent brain damage can occur within four minutes if a child stops breathing. Rapid reaction is of paramount importance in such a life-threatening situation.

Moby-Kid alarm system for pets.

Healthy dogs and sometimes cats can swim short distances. However, if your pet/dog falls in the pool and is unable to climb out, he /she will be in panic. This can then quickly cause fatigue. Dogs and cats often cannot vocalize when in water so can drown quickly and quietly.

Special Moby-Kid sensors on the collar will alert you immediately when your beloved pet has fallen into the water so you can spring into action and rescue him.

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