Moby-Kid Water Alarm System

Moby-Kid Water Alarm System

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Moby-Kid Water Alarm System: Child safety by the pool or water

The Moby-Kid Water Alarm Set is a complementary protection measure when supervising your child near water (e.g. swimming pools, baths, ponds, boats, shore areas, water barrels, etc.) designed to help prevent your child from drowning.

The sensor is tied around your child's wrist and the base station immediately triggers an alarm when in contact with water. It can also be used for your pet. With conventional batteries, you are completely mobile and can also use the device on the beach, hotel pool, etc. - and it secures the supply in the event of a power failure.

Functions of the water alarm:

  • Base station alarm when the sensor comes into contact with water
  • Transmission distance from the sensor to the base station: max. 50 meters in open terrain
  • LED light on the base station indicates whether there is a connection to the sensor(s)
  • Warning (flashing LED and warning sound) in case of loss of connection or beep when leaving the signal range
  • The sensor is waterproof up to 3 bar
  • Expandable to up to 3 sensors (order card included)
  • Battery low level warning for base station and each sensor

Function sensor - bracelet

  • Quick release - no fidgeting when putting it on
  • Child cannot remove bracelet independently
  • Ideally adaptable because the size is adjustable
  • Pet extender strap
  • range of 50 m
  • Turns off after 12 hours
  • Fresh and salt water resistant
  • Insensitive to dirt due to closed unit
  • Waterproof up to 3 bar

Function receiver - base station

  • Powered by mains adapter or batteries
  • Low battery signal
  • Signal when sensor goes out of range or connection is lost
  • Alarm can be reset on the receiver
  • 3 sensors can be used per receiver
  • LED light indicates both the connection and the alarm of the corresponding transmitter
  • Transparent pocket protects receiver from dirt


Mobile and usable anywhere

The water alarm system is lightweight and fits in any bathing bag or larger handbag . This means you can take the Moby-Kid with you on trips or when visiting friends.

Use the Moby Kid at:

  • pools and swimming pools
  • Ponds & biotope
  • rivers & lakes
  • Outdoor pool, indoor pool & thermal baths
  • riparian areas
  • boat trips

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