Moby-Kid Bracelets

Moby-Kid Bracelets

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The Moby-Kid water alarm bracelets can be purchased individually.

Functions sensor - bracelet

  • Quick release - no fidgeting when putting it on
  • Child cannot remove bracelet independently
  • Ideally adaptable because the size is adjustable
  • Pet extender strap
  • Range of 50 m
  • Turns off after 12 hours
  • Fresh and salt water resistant
  • Insensitive to dirt due to closed unit
  • Waterproof up to 3 bar

Bracelet length

With the included key, you can adjust the length of the bracelet to your child's hand once. You don't need to adjust the length every time and putting on the bracelet is quick and easy. There is an extension piece for pets that you can order from us.

Easy handling with quick release

With the key, you can now quickly and easily put the bracelet on the child's wristThis means that the child cannot remove the bracelet independently. To remove the wristband, press the small pin on the transmitter to loosen the band.

Transmission distance max. 50 m

Place the base station as close to the water as possible. The maximum range between the base station and the whale is max. 50 m in the open area. You can easily test the functionality before actively using the Moby-Kid. As soon as the connection from the base station to the whale is interrupted, an alarm sounds.

Can also be used for pets

You can also use the water alarm system for your pets. To do this, use the key to remove the detachable strap piece from the whale's body and swap it out for the pet strap piece.

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